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Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean
*SCREEMES LIKE A LITTLE GIRL* there is another eureka story. Please god let their...
Zettai Karen Children
Where are chapters 1-5?
Change 123
Rikitiki is right this manga is not finished on this site. this manga is one chapter...
Accel World
When is this going to be update? its good yet it stops in the middle of a fight.
Umi no Misaki
When is this manga going to update??? It's getting to the good parts!!!! I LOVE THIS...
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The Gamer
i love this original story
The Gamer
The gamer is a promising manhwa. Of course it will mostly be entertaining to people with a video-gaming background ! toh,,,...
The Gamer
Want more, its just amazingly good
Seven Days
Well ~ it's just beautiful story. Don't miss your chance, download it! but I think it still need some more chapters ~
Tower of God
Amazing! but come on starkanayoure behind. chapter 197 came out today and youre still at 190
Gokukoku no Brynhildr
This manga is about Murakami, a normal boy with a photographic memory who gets dragged into a battle of fleeing magicians...
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