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Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean
*SCREEMES LIKE A LITTLE GIRL* there is another eureka story. Please god let their...
Zettai Karen Children
Where are chapters 1-5?
Change 123
Rikitiki is right this manga is not finished on this site. this manga is one chapter...
Accel World
When is this going to be update? its good yet it stops in the middle of a fight.
Umi no Misaki
When is this manga going to update??? It's getting to the good parts!!!! I LOVE THIS...
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Junjou Romantica
best bl manga that i seen
Captain Tsubasa
it is a legendary story letterally
A classic dark fantasy adventure, one of the oldest and most praised manga of our timeā€¦. filled with complex story , revenge...
Everything is perfect
Love Stage
its very cool
Asu no Yoichi
funny awesome manga overall... i wish there are more chapters
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