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This manga is arguably one of the most realistic manga when it comes to fighting....
Old Boy
Old Boy is a manga that is truly written well. With both mystery and suspense, a...
Shingeki no Kyojin
This manga is really excellent. Though I've heard several say "This is like Gantz,"...
This manga is excellent. It has some great humor in it (Jacky is the man), and the...
Desert Punk
This manga has a lot of action in it, however the real draw in it is the humor and...
The thing about Underdog is that it has a unique premise. The main character is...
Even if you are not a personal fan of the series, its durability and intrigue make...
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Junjou Romantica
best bl manga that i seen
Captain Tsubasa
it is a legendary story letterally
A classic dark fantasy adventure, one of the oldest and most praised manga of our timeā€¦. filled with complex story , revenge...
Everything is perfect
Love Stage
its very cool
Asu no Yoichi
funny awesome manga overall... i wish there are more chapters
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