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Trace would change they way you view all comics, manga, and manhwa and make you ask...
Assassination Classroom
It Has been a long time since i have read a manga as original as this one. i didn't...
Fairy Tail
20 chapters in and not only can i not take it seriously {the amount of ecchi} it...
Death Note
I Decided To write this because i find a lot of good manga on the fan reviews that...
The Fullbring arc had a lot that was wrong in it but Bleach was not over just because...
Cage of Eden
Every one knows its not enough for a manga to start strong or for it to run for over...
Tower of God
No joke this might be on the come up. because it isnt manga the artistic style is...
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it always makes my day
i like read Bleach Manga,,, its very interesting,,, :)
The beginnings is really rushed and it follows a really fast pace. That being said it's still a really fun read. The main...
its a nice story and fast passed enough that its not hard to stay intrested
Mujaki no Rakuen
Just amazing
Crimson Spell
This is a great yaoi story, with really lovely character designs, movement, and scenery. On top of that though, this is simply...
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