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Cage of Eden
The manga was completed, not cancelled :) Actual review: In the beginning the...
Nozoki Ana
A story the likes I have never seen before. Nozoki Ana is an incredibly unique...
My Lovely Ghost Kana
My Lovely Ghost Kana is a great story about a man that loses his job and home. ...
Ichigo 100%
This was the first real romance manga i ever read. One time i read it loosely, just...
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Pandora Hearts
It is one of the greatest manga s ever created. the story is just fantastic. Art is great. And they're Dialogues are perfect....
Skip Beat
it's good but starting to get boring, takes too long for progression on their relation
2-14 Jiken
Mademoiselle Butterfly
love the story
Mashumaro Ecchi
This is a very touching, cute and... philosophic story! Theme is actual for everyone, especially for young people. This is...
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