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Sun-ken Rock
The story is funny at the start and becomes more serious as it progresses but stays...
Cradle of Monsters
I have read until chapter 20 and it has been brilliant so far. It is very much like...
Highschool of the Dead
This is the best manga out there, that is my opinion. The art is good, plot is cool...
Girls Saurus DX
This manga is hilarius, the art is pretty unique and the story is funny and unexpected....
This manga is one of my favourites, just because its so interesting and unexpected....
Ace of Diamond
This manga surprised me, its funny and well drawn. The beginning is good draws you...
Wolf and Spice
This is a manga that is, well drawn, with good dialoge and is interesting and pretty...
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A Story about False LOVE that will make you LAUGH
It is very interesting It is fun to read It is very Cute
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
You know, I probably only watched/read this because it's a Japanese title that I can read and understand the meaning. Ookami-chan...
Tower of God
You have to read Tower of God. It might start off slowly but if you keep on going you won't be able to stop. The world is...
Velvet Kiss
Awesome manga.....not ur regular hentai...simply awesome
Koisuru Boukun
This is easily my favourite manga ever! Great storyline, beautiful art and I simply love Morinaga and his senpai's relationship.
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