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B. Reaction
I found this manga to be really well done and was fun to read it. The story grabs...
This manga is a really good read, even though its short. It has a very touching story,...
This manga is worth a read, it is a good mystery and will have you guessing as to...
One Piece
I absolutely love this manga, such a great story with lots of action. But on top...
Dragon Ball - Episode of Bardock
Cool idea that they are going to go back and give bardocks story, but its got a bit...
I really enjoy this manga, it was a great story and a good blend of comedy/action...
Zatch Bell
This was a great series, I read it all the way through in a matter of weeks. It's...
One Outs
This is a great series, not only good sports but also a lot of smart situations going...
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Junjou Romantica
best bl manga that i seen
Captain Tsubasa
it is a legendary story letterally
A classic dark fantasy adventure, one of the oldest and most praised manga of our timeā€¦. filled with complex story , revenge...
Everything is perfect
Love Stage
its very cool
Asu no Yoichi
funny awesome manga overall... i wish there are more chapters
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