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what else you can say... its a masterpiece.. no wonder it won a lot of awards.. Takehiko...
Jack Frost
I don't know why this manga has gone to TOP-5, just for 15 chapter they already assumed...
Fullmetal Alchemist
The 2 series are excellent work.. if you love manga you should not left this behind....
Before this was the greatest of them all.. now a lot idiotic reformation happening.....
From the author excellency and genius mind.. This manga is getting exciting and exciting...
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
the title said itself.. keep it going Amina Akira,.... I don't mind if you're not...
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Natsu no Zenjitsu
What an intriguing story... very intense, I think. The love making scene is beautiful: partly passionate and partly endearing....
Junjou Romantica
best bl manga that i seen
Captain Tsubasa
it is a legendary story letterally
A classic dark fantasy adventure, one of the oldest and most praised manga of our timeā€¦. filled with complex story , revenge...
Everything is perfect
Love Stage
its very cool
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