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A most unconventional story ,that revolves around a demon-butler and his young master....
Cavalier of the Abyss
The sequel to Immortal Regis holds up to the glory of the previous series ,retaining...
Mahou Sensei Negima
This is not your average school manga!! From the creator of 'Love Hina' that will...
Fire Fire Fire
This is a manga with a very interesting plot , and although it might not look attractive...
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The Gamer
i love this original story
The Gamer
The gamer is a promising manhwa. Of course it will mostly be entertaining to people with a video-gaming background ! toh,,,...
The Gamer
Want more, its just amazingly good
Seven Days
Well ~ it's just beautiful story. Don't miss your chance, download it! but I think it still need some more chapters ~
Tower of God
Amazing! but come on starkanayoure behind. chapter 197 came out today and youre still at 190
Gokukoku no Brynhildr
This manga is about Murakami, a normal boy with a photographic memory who gets dragged into a battle of fleeing magicians...
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