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What is going on with the people who run this site? Why hasn't there been any updates...
The Breaker
the breaker is exciting read that will keep your attention throughout the entire...
Final Fantasy XII
I love this manga because it follows the video game at some points and at others...
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
So 333 people isn't very many people. Huh.... it seems like to me that the fact that...
Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
here is proof of what you said the title to the review of kagijin. "shitty and...
STOP READING MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everysingle review you have made puts down manga....
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Ah! My Goddess
As you follow the story one can see the developing art and a consistent main plot, even if such is in the form of many following...
Air Gear
Sugar Addiction
tower of god , kingdom , new wave are all pretty late or not updated at all ... even one piece is getting updated days after...
Slam Dunk
Ang ganda! Nakakatawa! Karapat dapat basahin!
Nozo x Kimi
Nozoki Ana
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