Reviews by Szaju
Shaman King
One of the greatest manga's I have ever read! It's a shame it's only 300 chapters!
Dragon Ball
Amazing manga and anime in my opinion number one in the world! Fights are so amazing!...
Fairy Tail
One of the greatest manga's I have ever read. At the beginning story isn't very good...
A great long going anime with a great story. fantastic characters and great concept.
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The beginnings is really rushed and it follows a really fast pace. That being said it's still a really fun read. The main...
its a nice story and fast passed enough that its not hard to stay intrested
Mujaki no Rakuen
Just amazing
Crimson Spell
This is a great yaoi story, with really lovely character designs, movement, and scenery. On top of that though, this is simply...
Half Prince
Great characters, lovely design, and really interesting relationships are just the beginnings to this great series. There...
The Gamer
This is a great series that just gets more interesting with each chapter. All of the characters are interesting and lovable....
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