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Overall, Naruto's a good manga to read, LOL at Kishimoto's crazy plot twists, and...
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth
The characters are somewhat OOC, but it's good funny plots and mini-stories. Worth...
SKET Dance
It's an epically hilarious manga with no particular plot so far, and although the...
Bleach has a lot of potential to get better, even though the anime isn't as good...
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The Gamer
Want more, its just amazingly good
Seven Days
Well ~ it's just beautiful story. Don't miss your chance, download it! but I think it still need some more chapters ~
Tower of God
Amazing! but come on starkanayoure behind. chapter 197 came out today and youre still at 190
Gokukoku no Brynhildr
This manga is about Murakami, a normal boy with a photographic memory who gets dragged into a battle of fleeing magicians...
Sidonia no Kishi
The story is totally engrossing, and the art is fascinating- sort of modernized Gundam. There's a decent level of science...
Nana To Kaoru
Gonna make this short. It is a romance story with S&M elements causing the relationship problems. It is a strange manga for...
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