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Elfen Lied
I love this manga. The quality of the drawing can seem a bit lackluster for some...
Since some people are just too damn retarded I'll do this just to bring the site...
It's bad, it's dumb but it's finished. No need to keep an eye on this, chapter 17...
Fire Fire Fire
Too bad it got cancelled. I was really looking forward to know more about the characters....
Rosario + Vampire
The last two chapters uploaded here (53 and 56) belong to Rosario + Vampire Season...
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! -Chronicles of Street Observation Research-
The chapter, 10.5, that was recently updated isn't from this manga. This manga is...
Jack Frost
There are 7 volumes out in it's country of origin, although only 15 chapters have...
Rosario + Vampire Season II
This manga isn't finished, it's launched in a monthly base and it's being translated...
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best bl manga that i seen
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it is a legendary story letterally
A classic dark fantasy adventure, one of the oldest and most praised manga of our timeā€¦. filled with complex story , revenge...
Everything is perfect
Love Stage
its very cool
Asu no Yoichi
funny awesome manga overall... i wish there are more chapters
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