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Akame ga Kiru!
This action manga delivers! The style would be that of a fast action manga, with...
Kurogane (IKEZAWA Haruto)
This manga compares to some other sports-type manga's I've encountered in terms of...
Let's be Perverts
With a title like this, it's hard not to be at least curious about what this manhwa...
It has been several months since I've read this. Regardless, with all the other reviews...
Magetsukan Kitan
The previous review pretty much says it all; it's not groudbreaking on any front,...
It's fast. Basically this manga gives you no time to think at all, which is really...
Sun-ken Rock
Don't let the fact that I don't rate it 5 stars fool you, I very eagerly await every...
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this manga was way better then i thought. i loved it. very funny.
veryyy gooddd....
One Piece
the best ever that i had read
Beast Master
very well done
Aki Sora
Those last few chapters really just got to me tho, I really just wanted sora to be happy =[
Been hooked since I saw ep 150 years ago
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