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Lucky Dog 1
There aren't many chapters of this up yet, but I decided to give it a shot and I...
This is an excellent manga, to put it simply. If you love samurai manga, you'll love...
Girls of the Wild's
This caught my eye because of the awkward title, then I noticed a few 5 star reviews....
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All You Need Is Kill
just fabulous!!!awesome story! the art is excellent and full of entertainment!!!unfortunately it's story is copied by the...
The story has a lot of moe in it (at least for me, lol), but it's not all moe and stuff, the story's comedy really cracked... Onna
Are good and classics love histories, fun to read.
This is a very uncommon manga, a depiction of Japanese social illnesses. The 6th sense awakened for the main protagonist...
nice one. Full of fun within storyline
Manga Major is amazing,the storyline is good and animation is good too.I liked it very much,I wonder when will the next chapter...
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