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Hakushaku to Yousei
Please upload the manga chapters for this - this manga is awesome
One Piece
What in the world happened to Nurarihyon no Mago???!!! It's insane. The entire manga...
I haven't felt this way about a manga since first reading comics such as Marvel and...
This is in response to the "Aweosome" review on Bleach. Here is the sad fact. I have...
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Night Head Genesis
It was a nice story, even made to an anime... but it's not yet completed, so I guess the status is supposed to be changed...
Heroes of the Spring and Autumn
beautiful full colour art the same as feng shen ji. I just love it . Pity only ten chapters. what happened to the rest. where...
Fun read
Butterfly Night
im a huge fan of Kayonos work, and this manga only has one story. Hope u can upload the rest soon, they r very good <3
Eternal Sabbath
isnt this manga a mature one?? whatever, i was looking for it in that section just to recomend it. i was like "when r u...
i loved it, its true its a lil messy at the start but keep reading, its worth it. sexy boys in bikes? what else u can ask...
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