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Darren Shan
I got all 12 books of darren shan and the manga is a quite quick summery of all the...
Kodomo no Jikan
Sorry couldn't find a forum topic. If you wanna search for a manga-genre it just...
Deep Sex
I totaly love everything from Kasane Katsumoto!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 I own that manga...
Say I Love You
I WANT MOOOOORE *_* This shoujo is really sooooo good *_* Just read it and you...
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
I totaly love that manga. It's kinda hard waiting all the time to know how the...
I can't read it anymore.... All those haters who are going on a rampage againts bleach...
Cosplay Animal
OMG! This Shoujo manga must be read by all the girls that loves pretty manga-boys,...
Beast Master
This Manga is so awesome, i just can't describe. I started to fell with the two main...
Naruto is getting stronger and cooler the more the story goes on. You can see how...
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Mirai Nikki
Pandora Hearts
It is one of the greatest manga s ever created. the story is just fantastic. Art is great. And they're Dialogues are perfect....
Skip Beat
it's good but starting to get boring, takes too long for progression on their relation
2-14 Jiken
Mademoiselle Butterfly
love the story
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