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Title(s): Yuri Hime Wildrose
百合姫 Wildrose
After School Berry Girl
Arcadia ~Flowers of Paradise~
Bitter Seek
Blushing Girl
Christmas Eve Agape
Five-second Love
Greenhouse Secret
Heart and Soul
Houkago Berry Girl
Love the World
My Girlfriend
Only a Secret From Her
Otonato Kodomoto
Our Future Plans
Partners (Saburouta)
Promise (AKUTA Rinko)
Suki Dokidoki Kiss
Sweet Girls
Sweet Sweet Honey
Teacher's Pet (JOHNOUCHI Nene)
The Fragrant Sea Breeze
The Greenhouse Witch
The Little Ladies of Summer
Whether Sleeping or Awake
Yuri Hime Art Collection
Yuri Hime Wild Rose
Author(s): AKIYAMA Koito, AKIYOSHI Nana, AKUTA Rinko, AMANO Shuninta, Anthology, AOKI Mitsue, Chi-Ran, GYUUNYUU Linda, HANADA Maco, Harumi Chihiro, HAYASE Hashiba, INAMI Hajime, IZUMIYA Otoha, JOUNOUCHI Nene, MIKUNI Hajime, Minami Haruka, MIYASHITA Kitsune, MIZUNO Touko, Momono Moto, MONCHI Kaori, MORISHIMA Akiko, NANZAKI Iku, Ootsuki Miu, PIERRE Yamamoto, Rokuroichi, Saburouta, SAIDA Nika, SERIO Yuzuha, TAKAHASHI Itsumi, TOKITSUKAZE Otoha
Artist(s): AKIYAMA Koito, AKIYOSHI Nana, AMANO Shuninta, AOKI Mitsue, CHI-RAN, GYUUNYUU Linda, HANADA Maco, HARUMI Chihiro, HAYASE Hashiba, INAMI Hajime, IZUMIYA Otoha, JOUNOUCHI Nene, MIKUNI Hajime, MINAMI Haruka, MIYASHITA Kitsune, MIZUNO Touko, MOMONO Moto, MONCHI Kaori, MORISHIMA Akiko, NANGOKU Banana, NANZAKI Iku, OOTSUKI Miu, PIERRE Yamamoto, Rokuroichi, Saburouta, SAIDA Nika, SERIO Yuzuha, SHINBA Rize, TAKAHASHI Itsumi, TOKITSUKAZE Otoha, ZAOU Taishi
Genres: Drama, Mature, School life, Smut, Yuri
Start Date: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Volumes of steamy yuri one-shots.

Volume 1:
Suki Tokidoki Kiss
Ichiban Sukina Hito
Arcadia ~Flowers of Paradise~
Girls' Union
From Your L-I-P-S
The Greenhouse Witch
Sweet Little Devil (NANZAKI Iku)
Blue (HAYASE Hashiba)
Contains a Yuri Hime Art Collection

Volume 2:
Onshitsu no Himitsu (Greenhouse Secret)
Girls Study
[m]Tojitete ne, Kokoro[/m] (Keep Your Heart Closed)
Yurete Hazunde (Bounce and Sway)
Heart And Soul
Love and SeX
Teacher's Pet
Neko ni Naritai (I want to be a cat)

Volume 3:
Netemo Sametemo (Whether Sleeping or Awake)
Closet Daisakusen (The Great Closet Operation)
Sweet Sweet Honey
Love Prep Room
Sweet Exercise
Otonato Kodomoto
Shoujo no Hyouhonshitsu (Maiden Repository)

Volume 4:
Atatamemasuka (Is That Warming You Up?)
Only A Secret From Her
My Girlfriend
Seiya no Agape (Christmas Eve Agape)
Our Future Plans
I Love You My Girl
Sugar Complex
Hana no Shishuu, Mitsu no Hari

Volume 5:
Love Potion
Amai Futari (Sweet Girls)
Doctor, Stop!
I Don't Know if This is Love
Koi no Iinari (Slave to Love)
Makka na Onna no Ko (Blushing Girl)
Bed Made Matenai!
Your Love
Sweet Examination

Volume 6:
Dream Story
Honey Inferno
Houkago Berry Girl (After School Berry Girl), by Saida Nika
Five-second Love, by Serio Yuzuha
The Fragrant Sea Breeze
Love the world
Moment Like Fireworks
Natsu no Ojou-san-tachi
Bed de Muchuu
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Good for a few quick reads
Written by MalBunneh on February 11, 2012 at 5:23 PM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 4
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 4
I wish the Butterfly 69 chapters where made into an actual manga, it was possibly the best short I've ever actually read. I was very sad to see it wasn't continued. The collection however was very well put together, I only skipped maybe one of the stories.
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