Yume ga Kanau Juunigatsu
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Title(s): Yume ga Kanau Juunigatsu
Yume ga Kanau 12-gatsu
Drifting and Whirling
Fighting Love 20 Years
Fighting Love 2000 Years
The Miracle of Christmas
Tomadoi (YAMADA Yugi)
Yume ga Kanau 12gatsu
Author(s): YAMADA Yugi
Artist(s): YAMADA Yugi
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi
Start Date: 2003
Status: Ongoing
Compilation of short stories:

1. Rabu. Sutori Ichi Musu

2. Wandering

3. Tomadoi
A mangaka falls in love at first sight with his new assistant editor. The mangaka's assistant who was a classmate of the assistant editor tries to be their cupid...

4. Fighting Love 20 Years

5. Fighting Love 2000

6. Refrain

7. Drifting and Whirling
Hero regularly dates with a younger and rich office worker for money! But soon, he can't keep such an unfaithful relationship...

8. The Miracle of Christmas
A homosexual college student who is working at a convenience store falls in love with his colleague, a heterosexual and gamblesome high school graduate. Hero keeps pretending to be a good friend but soon he can't anymore because the colleague finds a girlfriend. Then another colleague, a very fat boy who has a steady girlfriend tries to play cupid...

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Yume ga Kanau Juunigatsu chapter 6 - We're missing this chapter. If you have it, please upload it.
Yume ga Kanau Juunigatsu chapter 1-2 - We're missing these chapters. If you have them, please upload them.
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