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Title(s): Worlds
WORLDS ―藤崎竜短編集―
Worlds ~Fujisaki Ryuu Short Stories~
Worlds ~Fujisaki Ryuu Tanpenshuu~
Author(s): Fujisaki Ryu
Artist(s): FUJISAKI Ryu
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, Shounen
Start Date: 1992
Status: Completed
[From Boku-Tach]i:

A compilation of five short stories by Ryu FUJISAKI written throughout his career. Ranging from fantasy to gothic horror, they explore the fantastic worlds contained within the mind of the mangaka of such series as Houshin Engi and Waq Waq.

This is volume 1 of FUJISAKI Ryu's Short Stories.

Volume 1: Worlds
Volume 2: Dramatic Irony
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