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Wolf Guy (TABATA Yoshiaki)
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Title(s): Wolf Guy (TABATA Yoshiaki)
Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou
ウルフガイ - 狼の紋章
Wolf Guy - Emblem of the Wolf
Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest
Author(s): TABATA Yoshiaki
Artist(s): YUGO Yuuki
Genres: Action, Adult, Drama, Mature, Romance, School life, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy
Start Date: 2007
Status: Completed
Ms. Aoshika is not only divorced, but an underappreciated teacher at her job. But one drunken mishap leads her to witness firsthand the brutal assault and murder of a young man. However, after fainting, she awakens to discover that all of the assailants have been seriously wounded.
And to her further surprise, the next day she discovers that not only is the young man, Akira, she met the night before alive, but he is now her new transfer student.

This series is based off of a combination of the Wolf Guy manga and novel with aspects from "Adult Wolf Guy

"Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou" is a modern adaptation of "Wolf Guy (SAKAGUCHI Hisashi)" with a more violent and mature setting.
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Written by Shishiba on February 19, 2012 at 7:03 PM
Overall Rating
Story: 2
Dialogue: 4
Animation: 4
Entertainment: 3
This manga has great artwork, and I found the narration style very charming. As a whole the story will suck you in, making you read quite a few chapters in one sitting, however at a point it deviates from this quality.

The characters soon become objects of loathe (at least for me personally), and the fact that they're all middle schoolers really detracts from what this could have been.

Either way, if you dig on seinin, and don't mind some gore and sexual violence, this might be something you'll find entertaining. So, give it a shot......or (read more)
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Written by neil04 on August 25, 2011 at 9:07 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 2
Dialogue: 3
Animation: 4
Entertainment: 2
If you are into smut then this is for you! Everything seemed like an outlet for the author to write out his perverse fantasies. There really is no rhyme or reason behind the rapes and the violence is over the top and nauseating. The characters are interesting, but the rapes turned me off...
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