Tsumi to Kuchizuke
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Title(s): Tsumi to Kuchizuke
罪とくちづけ -楽園に奪われた十日間-
Tsumi na Kuchizuke
Tsumi to Kuchizuke -Romance ni Ubawareta Toukakan-
Author(s): HIGASHINO You
Artist(s): HIGASHINO You
Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Start Date: 2005
Status: Completed
1-3) Sins and Kisses
When a gentle young man named Yamato is sent to the lush Fiji islands (in place of his brother, Hikaru) it proves to be the perfect setting for passion as he tumbles into an affair with a world class F1 race-car driver, Kyle, who is his brother (ex-)lover.

4) Impenetrable Lips
Higurashi (Hikaru) gets kissed by Aaron, a famous lady-killer and F1 racer (same team as Kyle) and then "kidnapped" (with Yamato help) to desert island for they "honeymoon". Will Hikaru believe in Aaron's love?

5) Nude na Egoist
Continuation of Nude Na Shisen
Nishitaka's birthday is coming and Ritsuya wants to spend them together, but photographer have lots of work.

6) King's Lesson
Keita lost his job in modeling agency, but then he's picked up by Tobe Seiichirou (Master) and started lessons to become world class model.

7) Sins and Kisses - Extra Story
Kyle and Yamato wearing yukata in caravan.
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