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Taiyou no Kishi
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Title(s): Taiyou no Kishi
太陽の騎士 完結編
太陽の騎士 恥辱の楔編
Knight of the Sun
Knight of the Sun - Disgrace of the Wedge
Taiyou no Kishi - Kanketsu-hen
Taiyou no Kishi - Kanketsuhen
Taiyou no Kishi Chijoku no Kusabihen
Taiyou no Kishi, Chijyoku no Kusabihen
Author(s): CHITOSE Piyoko
Artist(s): CHITOSE Piyoko
Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Yaoi
Start Date: 2008
Status: Ongoing
From Attractive Fascinante:

Hinata was corrupted by his stepfather and felt that he had lost the right to love his childhood friend, Tatsuya. He left home and became an escort to support himself. A pretty Shinto priest, Clayle, appeared and gave him the spear of the lightÂ’s fragment. Rele, knight of the sun shrine, appeared suddenly and told Hinata that heÂ’d obey and protect the owner of the fragment. Clayle was imprisoned before they could find out more. What will happen from here?

In the series:

V.1 - Chijoku no Kusabikehen

V.2 - Kanketsuhen
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