Slayers: Knight of Aqualord
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Title(s): Slayers: Knight of Aqualord
Slayers: Suiriyuuou no Kishi
すれいやーず すいりゆうおうのきし
Slayers Knight of Aqua Lord
Slayers: Knight of the Aqua Lord
Author(s): Kanzaka Hajime
Artist(s): ARAIZUMI Rui, TOMII Ootsuka
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
Start Date: 2003
Status: Completed
After meeting the enigmatic woman Hureika in a sideside village during her travels, the beautiful genius sorceress Lina Inverses fate takes a dramatic turn. Separated from her partner Gourry, she finds herself swept ashore onto an unfamiliar land. Faced with violent monsters, she is suddenly unable to wield her magic. But her grand adventures only begin once she is saved by Lyos, a boy who claims himself to be the Knight of the Aqua Lord.

Alternate retelling of the Slayers TRY anime.
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