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Title(s): Rurouni Kenshin
Бродяга Кэнсин
Самурай Х
바람의 검심
Kenshin the Wanderer
Lãng Khách Kenshin
Ruroni Kenshin
Samurai X
Yahiko no Sakabato
Author(s): Watsuki Nobuhiro
Artist(s): WATSUKI Nobuhiro
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Martial arts, Romance, Shounen, Tragedy
Start Date: 1994
Status: Completed
From Viz:

140 years ago in Kyoto, with the coming of the American "Black Ships," there arose a warrior who, felling men with his bloodstained blade, gained the name Hitokiri, man slayer! His killer blade helped close the turbulent Bakumatsu era and slashed open the progressive age known as Meiji . Then he vanished, and with the flow of years, became legend.

Ten years later, a young woman's life is saved when she happens upon a strange wandering swordsman named Kenshin. The young woman accepts the wanderer into her dojo, despite his secretive past, and the two become fast friends. As their relationship grows, they meet and make more friends (as well as enemies), and they grow accustomed to their life together.

However, one man can only run from his past for so long, and it isn't long before Kenshin is forced to face the life he thought he'd left behind. Now, together with his friends, he must fight the ghosts of his past if he wants the people he loves to have any kind of future.

Contains a side story called Yahiko no Sakabato.
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An Absolute Must Read.
Written by Rkfan1 on September 6, 2011 at 9:52 PM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 5
For those of you who've seen the anime, the manga is 10x better. The story of Rurouni Kenshin is an incredible tale of an ex government assassin trying to escape from his past. With the setting of the story taking place in the transition between the tokugawa regiem and the meiji era where the once proud samurai are forced to lay down their swords and honor to try and live a more peaceful and "equal" life. Unfortunately not everyone can adapt to the new social system so well and some don't even want to try. Chased by the enemies of his past and the rumors of his legendary skills, Kenshin Himura fights a constant battle striving for the peace he sought through war, what's the difference between then and now? Due to a mysterious past, Kenshin has vowed to never kill again. This comedy-romance-action sack is (in my opinion) the best manga I've read to date and has been my personal favorite for the last ten years and holds a special place in my otaku heart. From start to finish, this manga will make you cheer, and make you cry. Force you to the edge of your seat, and tear you to stitches from laughter. If you could only read five manga series in your lifetime, this could be all five. :D

Long Live Rurouni Kenshin!
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