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Rental Magica from Solomon
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Title(s): Rental Magica from Solomon
レンタルマギカ from SOLOMON
レンタルマギカfrom SOLOMON
Rentaru Magika from Solomon
Author(s): Sanda Makoto
Artist(s): MAKOTO 2Gou
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Start Date: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Due to his father's disappearance, Itsuki Iba at a young age has to take over the family business: Astral Rental Magica, a magician dispatch service. A Rental Magica company employs magicians and other supernatural beings in order to hire them out to those who need magical assistance.

Inheriting the leadership position of Astral, Itsuki now has to be tough, commanding, and reliable, but there's one problem: he's a coward. His personality also doesn't help him connect with his employees or face with those who threaten the family business--and some of the latter are supernaturally powerful and quite dangerous.
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