Oira Houkago Wakadaishou Reviews
Oira Houkago Wakadaishou
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Title(s): Oira Houkago Wakadaishou
I'm the Boss of After-School
Kimagure Punch
Author(s): Adachi Mitsuru
Artist(s): ADACHI Mitsuru
Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Sports
Start Date: 1979
Status: Completed
Enter our hero Wakadaishou! He doesn't have much interest in school; he saves his energy for all the excitement he can stir up after school. This is an early Adachi Mitsuru 'youth manga', filled with engaging characters, comic scenes, and a young hero with a zest for life.

Also included are the following stories:

• Isourou wa tsurai yo (Being a Freeloader Is Tough!, sequel to Isourou yori hitokoto included in Yuuhi yo nobore!! V.1) (V. 1)

• Kimagure Punch (Whimsical Punch) (V. 2)

Is all still fair in love when friendship is at stake?
Three friends, one childhood promise, and a boxing match that might just be instrumental in untangling a tricky love triangle.

May the best man win!
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