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Mobile Suit Gundam Developers Reviews
Mobile Suit Gundam Developers
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Title(s): Mobile Suit Gundam Developers
Developers - Mobile Suit Gundam: Before the One Year War
Before One Year War
Developers 機動戦士ガンダム-Before One Year War-
Developers - Mobile Suit Gundam Before One Year War
Mobile Suit Gundam Developers: Before the One Year War
Author(s): Yamazaki Housui
Artist(s): YAMAZAKI Housui
Genres: Comedy, Mecha, Sci-fi
Start Date: 2003
Status: Completed
Years before the One Year War, Zionic Co. was developing a new type of piloted robots (later became Mobile Suits) using thermonuclear reactor shielded with Minovsky particles as the power source. For safety and secrecy reasons, the project was outsourced to Hosioka, a small steelworks which looked ridiculously lousy at the first sight.
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