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Lemon no Himegoto
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Title(s): Lemon no Himegoto
Remon no Himegoto
Author(s): Nakahara Migiwa
Artist(s): NAKAHARA Migiwa
Genres: Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo
Start Date: 2002
Status: Completed
From Ochibichan:

How does love go to your side? Is it like sunlight shining, is it like petals falling, or is it a reply to my prayer– Love. While Happiness shines rays of light, it slowly leaves the sky, picking up huge feathers, shrouding the souls of my blossoming flowers.

Story 1 - Hana always watches the boy at the library and has always wanted to speak to him, until
one day they are alone in the library together...
Story 2 - A new boy enters school and is instantly paying a certain girl extra attention.
Story 3 - ''He is my neighbor, you could call us childhood friends''
Story 4 - A girl dumps her boyfriend because she is too shy and inexperienced, but he keeps on pur
suing her, what should she do?!
Story 5 - sequel to Story 1, Hana catches her new boyfriend talking in his sleep, he mumbles her na
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