Kyou Kara Hitman
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Title(s): Kyou Kara Hitman
Kyou kara Hitman
Hitman - Matador por Acaso (Brazilian Portuguese)
Hitman - Part Time Killer
Kyo kara Hitman
Author(s): Mutou Hiroshi
Artist(s): MUTOU Hiroshi
Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Mature, Psychological, Seinen
Start Date: 2005
Status: Ongoing
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On in his right, his index on a trigger. On his left, a wedding ring. That is Tokichi's new life. A shy and clumsy salaryman, forced to become a hitman overnight. A double life: bowing during the day and gunfighting at night.
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Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 16 : Deathmatch with a Toy
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 15 : Duel on Invitation <Part II>
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 14 : Duel on Invitation <Part I>
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 13 : Undercover Missiong <Part II>
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 12 : Undercover Mission <Part I>
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 11 : Dual Pistols, Underground Star <Part II>
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 10 : Dual Pistols, Underground Star <Part I>
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 9 : Even Better Than The Best
Kyou Kara Hitman chapter 8 : Expose before being exposed
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