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Koi wo Shimashou
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Title(s): Koi wo Shimashou
Let's Make Love
Author(s): Nishida Higashi
Artist(s): NISHIDA Higashi
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi
Start Date: 2006
Status: Completed
From Half-Baked Scanlations:

1) Koi wo Shimashou (Let's make Love)
Management consultant Kobayashi uses his work to pick up younger men who catch his eye. Unfortunately, on his latest project he finds himself stuck with morose middle-aged manager Chief Araki. Kobayashi's initial horror develops into a professional respect that inspires him to use his easygoing charm to strike up an unlikely friendship.

2) Koi wo Kanjite
Continuation of chapter one.

3) Dirt
Caught up in a bank robbery, middle-aged branch manager Nishio is engaged in a battle of wills with lead robber Kazuya: a laidback macho thug who knows his personal details and has a weakness for older men.

4) Ano Koro ni Modorenai (No Going Back to the Past)
Nanbu discovers his new manager is Hirose - a former work colleague he once found oddly appealing despite his sullen, brooding manner.

5) Mune Ippai no (Wholehearted)
Section Chief Shingo's stress at work is spilling over into his private life. A cheerful security guard enters his life, but even he finds Shingo's violent mood swings too much to handle.

6 Tsurete Itte Kure (Take Me With You)
Shimizu takes care of his former boss Chiba, who is struggling to cope with a marriage breakdown, unemployment and a drinking problem. But are his motives purely altruistic?

7) Memorial Day
A widowed assistant director is desperate to find a birthday gift for a favourite employee.

8) Manga Lesson
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