Jewelry Eyes
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Title(s): Jewelry Eyes
Jewellery Eyes
Author(s): Kurahashi Erika
Artist(s): KURAHASHI Erika
Genres: Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo
Start Date: 2006
Status: Completed
From Manga Abyss:

Runa has a special hypnotherapy power that she inherited from her parents, and with it she can repel perverts/molesters. However, due to this power she canât find her first love, and it canât help her fall in love. How will this power affect her crush, Kitagawa-kun?

Also includes the following side stories:

The Patch of a Rebel
Maika is the manager of the soccer team and dating her senpai. She suddenly gets a new transfer student, Seri, who demands that she pay him 36,000 yen. Supposedly, eight years ago when they knew each other, Maika was a bully!

Lucky Flowers
For fifteen years, Yuri and her younger sister Ayame have been friends with their neighbors, Chihaya and his older brother Shougo. Yuri secretly likes Chihaya, who is in the same class with her, while Ayame likes Shougo. However, will they ever confess their love?
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