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Title(s): History's Strongest Another Stories
Shijou Saikyou no Gaiden
Сильнейший в истории Гайден
史上最強のガイデン [松江名俊短編集]
ลูกแกะพันธุ์เสือเค็นอิจิ ภาคพิเศษ
History's Strongest Gaiden
HSD Kenichi Gaiden
Author(s): Matsuena Syun
Artist(s): MATSUENA Syun
Genres: Action, Ecchi, Martial arts, Romance, Shounen
Start Date: 2007
Status: Ongoing
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Um, wrong section
Written by sen545331 on June 21, 2011 at 10:13 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 5
Just wanted to point out that chapter 435 should be under "History's Strongest Disciple", not "Another Stories"
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