Hantsu x Torasshu
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Title(s): Hantsu x Torasshu
Hantsu x Trash
Hantsu- x Torasshu
Hantsuu x Trash
Author(s): Kobayashi Hiyoko
Artist(s): KOBAYASHI Hiyoko
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School life, Seinen, Sports
Start Date: 2012
Status: Ongoing
Hamaji Youhei, a freshman in high school, lives his life aimlessly, lazing around all day. He can't keep up with his studies, no good at sports and won't stick with anything for long. Besides that he's a pervert who's continuously rejected by girls. A sophomore convinces him into joining a club where he could lunge at girls, fondling and touching all he wanted. Thus he joined the Water Polo Club. Can Youhei, who never sticks with anything for long, find his place in this club?
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Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 52 : You can Count on Me!
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 49 : Just a little bit, alright?
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 44 : Absolutely Do Not Look Here!
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 35 : Not Interested...!!!
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 34 : Temporary Coach
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 33 : I'll Protect You!
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 32 : This Time for Sure
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 30 : It's Got to be Now
Hantsu x Torasshu chapter 29 : Representative of the Fans
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