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GIRL (Hwang Mi Ri)
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Title(s): GIRL (Hwang Mi Ri)
단하나뿐인 걸
Người duy nhất
The Only Girl
Author(s): HWANG Mi-Ri
Artist(s): HWANG Mi-Ri
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Gender bender, Harem, Romance, School life, Shoujo
Start Date: 2010
Status: Ongoing
From Rosa Negra:

"You must never let anyone find out that youÂ’re a girl!
If you do, the entire world will be after you.”

Due to a strange biological catastrophe that affected the X-chromosome, there are no girls being born in the world!

The only girl left unaffected by this is Kang Ho-soo, who woke up 30 years later from a preserved sleep to find the world filled with men!

Now she must hide her identity as a female not just from the whole worldbut also from the school's biggest troublemaker Park Yoo Ah who also happens to be her roommate!

Will she be able to survive the school year?!


By aquamarinep:

The countdown of the human species began.
The sun has come closer to Earth, causing radioactive rays that kill all female fetus. Some mothers even died during their daughter's miscarriage due to hemorrhage.

Confusion reigned homo sapiens' first phase of extinction: mate competition, countries vying for a solution, families losing their loved ones. The government has required all females to take tests to collect data for research on developing a cure. Ho Su was identified as the one who is immune to the radioactive rays emitting from the sun. To prevent war between nations over her, Professor Yun has kept his founding about her immune a secret and has persuaded Ho Su's father to let him freeze Ho Su in hibernation, waiting for a time when the situation has stabilized from chaos to experiment on her for a vaccine.

30 years later.
It is now the year of 2042. The world has became a place dominated by males. Women are virtually extinct with their number-count in the hundreds and the youngest of the them in her forties. It has been long accepted that a wife, being a gender so rare, can have multiple husbands. Sex change to satisfy sexual desire is a growing phenomenon, although is still looked down upon by society.

In such a disordered place where she is the only girl, Ho Su awakens.
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