Final Impression
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Title(s): Final Impression
Author(s): FUJIMOTO Haruki
Artist(s): FUJIMOTO Haruki
Genres: Drama, School life, Yaoi
Start Date: 2009
Status: Completed
1-4. During a time when I didn't know anything, there was still my beloved Hiro-kun.

Leaving me with childhood memories, he moved far away...

Time has passed since then, once again the boy of my memories has returned to this town, Hayashida has completely changed and...?! -From Nakama

5. what the house dog says
When Hiromasa (not the guy from story 1) finds Mano Kaoru lying in the park, he invites him into his house and tells him "I'll be your new owner"!?

6. not even in the heart
After his ex-girlfriend brought Shouji to Kodaira's bar, he's been a regular. Kodaira is handsome, gentle, soothing, and cool... is Shouji falling for him?
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Final Impression chapter 2 - We're missing this chapter. If you have it, please upload it.
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