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Era of Death
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Title(s): Era of Death
風葬의 時代
풍장의 시대
Age of Death
Chong Mok - La leggenda degli spiriti celesti
Thời Đại Phong Tan
Thời Gió Lốc
Time of Death
Author(s): Kari
Artist(s): LEE Sung-Gyu
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Historical, Seinen, Supernatural
Start Date: 2004
Status: Ongoing
Mok, a son of a Yangban, becomes seriously ill and finds out that he's being protected by four divine spirits and is also gifted with special abilities. After he is cured, he is able to see the world of spirits and ghosts. Fortunately, his new friend Han helps him in his new life between the worlds of humans and spirits, because with these new abilities, new adventures await him...
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