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Daremo Shiranai
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Title(s): Daremo Shiranai
Zi Bu Yu
Confucius Never Said
Dare mo Shiranai
Dare mo Shiranai - Tsupuuyuu
Daremo Shiranai - Tsupuuyuu
No One Knows
No One Knows: What Confucius Did Not Speak Of
Tử Bất Ngữ
Author(s): Xia Da
Artist(s): Xia Da
Genres: Seinen, Supernatural
Start Date: 2009
Status: Ongoing
A gentle story about girl learning about the world and people.

Due to the job demands of her parents, who repair old buildings and works of art for a living, nine-year old Mou Yuu has travelled all the way from the city to a rural village. In this village, where the lush greenery of nature has been preserved, Yuu makes new friends and has many adventures with them. Perhaps because of her heritage, or simply because she is in such close contact with nature, she also encounters the supernatural and mysteries that cannot be explained.


Interesting fact: this work is drawn/written by a Chinese manhua artist, but simultaneously published in Japan. The Chinese and Japanese versions vary, and the dialogue and narrative have been localised to meet the tastes of their respective markets.
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