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Chi's Sweet Home
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Title(s): Chi's Sweet Home
Chii's Sweet Home
Chi, une vie de chat (French)
Author(s): KANATAKOIDE Konami, Konami Kanata
Artist(s): KONAMI Kanata
Genres: Comedy, Seinen, Slice of life
Start Date: 2004
Status: Ongoing
Chi is a mischievous newborn kitten who, while on a leisurely stroll with her family, finds herself lost. Separated from the warmth and protection of her mother, feels distraught. Overcome with loneliness she breaks into tears in a large urban park meadow., when she is suddenly rescued by a young boy named Yohei and his mother. The kitty is then quickly and quietly whisked away into the warm and inviting Yamada family apartment...where pets are strictly not permitted.
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Chi's Sweet Home
Written by ProGoddess on April 2, 2014 at 4:12 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 5
This is one of my favourite manga and anime. I have been searching all over in many sites and waiting for a long time for a scanlation group to pick up this project. I guess patience does yield hope and I've finally found it after the long wait since chapter 103.

Thanks for scanlating and upload this manga. Hooray!!! :)
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