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Boku no Tenohira de Odore Reviews
Boku no Tenohira de Odore
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Title(s): Boku no Tenohira de Odore
Boku no Te no Hira de Odore
Dancing on My Palm
Ren'ai Junbishitsu
Renai Junbishitsu
Tanabota Shiki Renairon
Tanabota-Shiki Renairon
Tanabotashiki Renairon
Author(s): ANISAKI Yuna
Artist(s): ANISAKI Yuna
Genres: Romance, School life, Shoujo, Smut
Start Date: 2005
Status: Ongoing
I first met Yuko in school's infirmary. I'd give her all of hair, skin, lips, everything. They are all hers, and I want to have all of her...she'll be mine forever. Dance on my palm...her sighs, her tears, everything.

Includes two other stories:

• Renai Junbishitsu

• Tanabota-Shiki Renairon
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