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Title(s): Bleach
Author(s): Kubo Tite
Artist(s): KUBO Tite
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Martial arts, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural
Start Date: 2001
Status: Ongoing
Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but this ability doesn't change his life nearly as much as his close encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper and member of the mysterious Soul Society. While fighting a Hollow, an evil spirit that preys on humans who display psychic energy, Rukia attempts to lend Ichigo some of her powers so that he can save his family, but much to her surprise, Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy. Now a full-fledged Soul Reaper himself, Ichigo quickly learns that the world he inhabits is one full of dangerous spirits, and along with Rukia, who is slowly regaining her powers, it's Ichigo's job to both protect the innocent from Hollows and to help the spirits themselves find peace.

Won the 50th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category.
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It is an interesting example...
Written by Sateru on September 28, 2011 at 12:06 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 3
Dialogue: 4
Animation: 4
Entertainment: 4
Well, I can't say I hate it... I've actually read through the whole entire series and there are certain things that just hook me in.

First things first, the story... It's a basic story of classic teenager who has supernatural powers (ability to see and communicate to ghosts) and does a little vigilante work for the sake of some of these poor unfortunate souls. Then, he encounters someone who only he can see... a Shinigami who spins his life upside down and takes him through an amazing adventure that exposes the inner workings of the Soul Society and ultimately shows him what kind of a man he truly is.

Honestly, the character archetype of Ichigo has been done before, reminding me a lot of Yu-Yu Hakusho's Yusuke. The ages of the main characters is a little ridiculous, they're supposed to be fourteen, but they look like late teenagers to young adults (17-18). I guess it's supposed to help allow their main reading audience the ability to empathize with these characters.

The story is rather interesting once they start showing the various characters in the manga. Some of them are exceptionally intriguing and unique... others are rather bland and already used archetypes. The main characters are rather bland... not exactly interesting unless you're the kind of guy or girl who would enjoy such characters. I'll admit that Uryu is one of the few who is truly interesting in my personal opinion.

Some of the plot-twists are actually interesting, ones that you wouldn't expect at first... Others are very easily predicted... I won't go into too many spoilers, but the main secret that Aizen reveals about Ichigo's history is especially predictable. I won't simply say that this is a deal breaker, but it is something that is rather overdone.

The villains are rather interesting... maybe a tad bit overpowered from time to time. Ultimately, you will find yourself scratching your head at some scenes and then reread the manga just to make sense of some of these revelations and great reveals.

Ultimately, I can say that it can have moments of confusion or predictability and cliched moments... it is worth a read, and it is one of those great examples of shonen manga. There are interesting characters, some plot lines are actually really good. It doesn't get too DBZ until late in the manga and even then it's a short moment of overpoweredness. If you are naturally interested in things like One Piece, Naruto, or various other manga that deal with these themes, then Bleach is the manga for you.

I wouldn't exactly say that someone who hates shonen manga should read this, but it is a good look through to just sample and see if it interests you. It isn't a ground-breaking manga, it isn't a very amazing manga that would appeal to all ages and genders, but it is something to look at at least once.
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