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Title(s): Bleach
Author(s): Kubo Tite
Artist(s): KUBO Tite
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Martial arts, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural
Start Date: 2001
Status: Ongoing
Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but this ability doesn't change his life nearly as much as his close encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper and member of the mysterious Soul Society. While fighting a Hollow, an evil spirit that preys on humans who display psychic energy, Rukia attempts to lend Ichigo some of her powers so that he can save his family, but much to her surprise, Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy. Now a full-fledged Soul Reaper himself, Ichigo quickly learns that the world he inhabits is one full of dangerous spirits, and along with Rukia, who is slowly regaining her powers, it's Ichigo's job to both protect the innocent from Hollows and to help the spirits themselves find peace.

Won the 50th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category.
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Bleach should be renamed in Badass
Written by kaiokenluffy on December 20, 2011 at 3:31 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 5
I came here because i saw bleach is the nr2 most popular manga in america so i jecked it out. At first it was just entertaining but then it became so amazing in the soul society arc that i became a fan.

Then hueco mundo was basically just fighting but the fights were all so different and epic that i was just amazed. Ulqiorras death was the best scene in anime i have ever seen. And trust me i watched alot of anime.

Then the war was fricken amazing. It was a very original fight with aizen but theres one thing i hate about it, that none of the good guys died dispite of their critical injuries.

Now the fullbring arc started boring, just like the beginning of bleach but now its getting so epic

I highly recomend this anime/manga to everyone. the first thing i,m gonna do is get some bleach mangas and enjoy :D Really amazing series. One of the best definately it never disapointed me.
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