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Title(s): Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
Utsukushii Utsukushii Utsukushii
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful
White Fingered Demon
Author(s): Takaguchi Satosumi
Artist(s): TAKAGUCHI Satosumi
Genres: Drama, Psychological, Tragedy, Yaoi
Start Date: 2006
Status: Completed
1-4) Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful
After the break-up with his girlfriend, Kou is left very upset, which is when he meets Akio, Mai's brother. The two of them don't exactly hit it off, but there's a strange kind of attraction that keeps drawing them together.

5) White Fingered Demon
Junior is the son of an Irish mob boss in 1930's America. His father's lieutenant, Leonard Lang is like an older brother to him, but as Junior gets older his feelings for Leo are beginning to change.
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