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Title(s): Bakuman
Bakuman - Giấc mơ họa sĩ truyện tranh
Author(s): Ohba Tsugumi
Artist(s): OBATA Takeshi
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Shounen, Slice of life
Start Date: 2008
Status: Completed
Moritaka Mashiro (Saiko), with his superb drawing skill, is invited by his writing genius classmate Akito Takagi (Shujin) to tread the difficult path of the mangaka!! His sights are set on his naive yet earnest joint dream with Miho Azuki, who is aiming to become a voice actress!! Saiko and Shujin team up as writer and artist, aiming to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, make a hit, and then release an anime. They bring their manuscripts into editors and set off on the road to becoming pro manga artists!! This is a new-age story of manga success!!
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Manga Appreciation 101
Written by Istar_Magus on April 8, 2012 at 2:23 PM
Overall Rating
Story: 5
Dialogue: 5
Animation: 5
Entertainment: 5
Obata Takeshi and Ohba Tsugumi have got to be the two greatest minds in manga history, and Bakuman is their magnum opus on manga. This series is without a doubt the most important manga written in the past decade. For anyone whose interest in manga extends beyond pretty japanese art, Bakuman is a MUST READ. No other manga I've ever encountered has given me the perspective to step back and really APPRECIATE what manga is all about. Being able to step into the shoes of an author and an artist, and deal with their struggles is virtually invaluable.

Story (5) - Bakuman's story is absolutely fantastic. The journey and struggles of the two young mangaka, Saiko and Shujin, and their road to becoming the greatest duo in the history of Weekly Shonen Jump with their loyal and supportive editor, Hattori, at their side has been one of the most fulfilling stories I've ever read. The storylines are woven together through the steadily built cast of characters, and the various subplots that are developed over time become excellent breaks between arcs.

Dialogue (5) - Bakuman taught me what it is to review dialogue in manga. How is it used? Are the lines good? Bakuman does dialogue right, and the payoff is a series with rich, impeccable, loveable quotes. It can be funny, heart-breaking, uplifting, and carefree without a moments notice, but it is always a seamless transition.

Animation (5) - Do I seriously even need to qualify this? Prettiest art in the industry because its done by, IMHO, the best artist in manga.

Entertainment (5) - I absolutely love this manga, and once you start reading it you just can't stop. Sometimes at the end of a really good chapter, where there is a major cliff-hangar, such as the result of a poll or serialization meeting, I find myself wanting to scream because I simply CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. Every week, this is the manga I look forward to the most.
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