Asa Chun
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Title(s): Asa Chun
Asa Chun!
Asa Chyun!
Author(s): Hanaya En
Artist(s): HANAYA En
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
Start Date: 2010
Status: Completed
Living together with a boy under the same roof, approved by the parents!?

Story 1: Asa Chun!

The childhood friend she reunites with after 4 years has become super handsome!? And for one month, the two of them will be living together alone under the same roof!? Akane's daily life is going to be a string of heart-pounding situations and...!?

Story 2: Ai ni Ikuyo (I'll Come See You)

Yui who was so happy with her relationship with kouhei but unfortunately kouhei's family have gone bankrupt. He suddenly disappeared and the promise that they both kept to meet on the july 30th was broken. A year had passed and a letter came, saying it's kouhei's...

will she finally met up with the boy she loved and promised to one more time?

Story 3: Kinmoku Seishounen Syrup

Story 4: Ame Tomuchi (The Carrot and the Stick)
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