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Aoyama Gosho Tapenshuu
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Title(s): Aoyama Gosho Tapenshuu
Author(s): Aoyama Gosho
Genres: Action, Mystery, Sci-fi, Shounen
Start Date: 1994
Status: Ongoing
Summary: The original collection of Aoyama's short stories. Ranging from sci-fi to romance, and the right out wacky, these stories are a must read for any fan of his other works!

Chapter 1 - Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: Calling on the Great Detective!

Chapter 2 - Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: The Monster of the Ice Country

第話探偵ジョージのミニミニ大作戦・I AM A DENTIST
Chapter 3 - Detective George's Mini Huge Cases: I Am A Dentist

第話プレイ イット アゲイン
Chapter 4 - Play It Again

Chapter 5 - Excalibur

Chapter 6 - Santa Claus of the Summer

Chapter 7 - Wait for A Little While

Chapter 8 - The Wandering Red Butterfly
Proof that Tell Me A Lie wasn't his only 6 page work, in this one a "detective" must follow clues left by his date to meet her in time.
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