Anata no Omocha
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Title(s): Anata no Omocha
もっと×2 あなたのオモチャ
もっと×3 あなたのおもちゃ
More x 3, Your Toy
Motto Anata no Omocha
Motto Motto Motto Anata no Omocha
Motto x 3 Anata no Omocha
Motto x3 Anata no Omocha
Mottox3 Anata no Omocha
Your Toy All the More
Author(s): Nagae Tomomi
Artist(s): NAGAE Tomomi
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut
Start Date: 2000
Status: Ongoing
V.1 - Anata no Mocha
Anata no Omocha: Rui Hayakawa finally decided to confess to Renji on the day of their graduation, but he never showed up! Five years later, her love life still seems hopeless, so her outgoing friend, Kumi, takes her to the Friday Nightclub to have some fun. Because its Rui's first time, she feels out of place, but...why is Renji working there?!

V.2 - Motto Anata no Omocha (Your Toy All the More)
Rui, an ordinary college student, is in love with Renji, a popular host at a club. Their relationship involves deep or dangerous sexual feelings. Rui feels uneasy every day, because someone that is a nuisance appears repeatedly.

V.3 - Motto x 2 Anata no Omocha
Rui is an ordinary college student, and her boyfriend, Renji, is a very popular host. She supports him with a passionate devotion, but more than that, she feels an uncontrollable love for him.

V.4 - Motto x 3 Anata no Omocha
Rui is an ordinary female college student. Her boyfriend Renji is No. 1 popular host at a club!! The two are imbalanced in every respect, but they love each other very much. One day, however, Renji unexpectedly says good-bye!? There seems some reason...?
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