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Title(s): Aishi no Sweet Voice
사랑의 스위트 보이스
I Love Sweet Voice
I Love Sweetvoice
Itoshi no Sweet Voice
Author(s): Fujisaki Kou
Artist(s): FUJISAKI Kou
Genres: Yaoi
Start Date: 2003
Status: Completed
1-3, 6) Aishi no Sweet Voice
A young boy who has always hated his girlish voice meets a striking man with a captivating voice. They try to figure out their feelings while striving to realize their dreams in theater.

4-5) An Unopened Door called Honey Moon
Takahara is a rich heir, popular guy that many girls desire, but for Satori, who raised him, Is just big spoiled brat. Could Takahara ever win Satori's heart?
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